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Summer Solstice Cacao Circle

Celebrate the summer solstice and honor your inner light by sharing a cup of delicious cacao in circle.

A cacao circle is a celebratory ritual that opens the heart through the use of ceremonial-grade cacao—the purest form of cacao; grown, cultivated, and processed with the highest integrity. This ritual is based on the ancient Mayan tradition of gathering in community to honor the sacredness of their native cacao tree and give thanks back to the Earth. We gather in circle and drink cacao (think rich, hot chocolate) to connect more deeply to our hearts, the Earth, and each other. This is a safe space for people who are seeking more support and community, who wish to explore a deeper relationship with the elements and spirit, and who are ready to cultivate more joy and balance in their lives.

The summer solstice marks the transition from action to nourishment. In spring we plant many seeds, in summer we nurture these seeds. We are just as nourished by the sun as the plants growing all around us. Tend to your inner light with cacao—a gentle, loving plant medicine—and give thanks to the sun, our guiding light and center of our galaxy. In circle, we will set intentions for the summer ahead, focusing on the trust and patience required for the growing season, and explore what makes us feel nourished and empowered.

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