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New Moon Cacao Circle: 2/20 @ 7pm, Wakefield, MA

Tap into the lunar magic of the New Moon through collaboration with plant medicine, Cacao.

Prepare for a cozy evening of nourishment, connection, and journeying as we gather in circle and tune in to the moon and the lower realm. When the moon wanes all the way to black, marking the beginning of a new cycle, this opens a portal for us to plant seeds of intention for personal growth and manifestation. The Cacao Tree is unique for harmonizing with the moon cycles. During a New Moon, the energy of the tree descends into its roots, drawing from the Earth to rebuild and nourish itself, preparing to send energy upward to its branches over the course of the waxing moon phase, until on the Full Moon, its leaves completely unfurl and turn a reddish hue.

We will tap into these energies and cycles to discover our own seeds and what we can do to nourish them over this next moon phase.

How to prepare:

- eat a light meal beforehand, at least an hour before ceremony

- (optional) bring a special mug to drink your cacao (mugs will also be provided)

- we have some yoga mats, floor seats, and blankets, but anything that will make you comfortable lying down to journey (pillow, eye cover, blanket, yoga mat, etc) you are welcome to bring with you

- things to bring: journal, pen, water bottle

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