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My Story

From the tender age of 14, I have been navigating challenges with gastrointestinal health, auto-immune complications, chronic pain, and subsequently, depression. Before becoming a wellness practitioner, I was an aspiring dancer/singer/actor/screenwriter. However, these grandiose dreams of mine were bigger than my body could handle. At 22 years old, when my quality of life was tanking and doctors could only make guesses as to how to help me, I branched beyond the limits of traditional Western Medicine and discovered the realm of Holistic Medicine. This quite literally saved my life, while reversing the worst of my symptoms in a matter of months. This experience inspired me to transition from a career path in film to one in wellness, and eventually, led me to rediscover spirituality as a cornerstone for health, (which was a feat for me, considering my challenging upbringing in the Catholic Church). 

Since 2011, I have built up an eclectic anthology of work experience in the natural health and wellness field, while continuing to study, research, and participate in the areas of nutrition, spirituality, yoga, meditation, and lifestyle medicine, while also logging many hours of personal development work. ​

My professional credentials include:

  • B.A. in Anthropology (Boston University)

  • Health Coach Certified (The Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

  • Graduate Studies in Health Arts & Sciences (Goddard College)

  • Usui Reiki I, II, & Master (under Mary Budrose of Blossom Healings)

  • AromaTouch Technique® (under Dr. Mara Sussman, chiropractor & doTERRA diamond leader)

  • Gut Health Intensive Course (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) 

  • Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training (Ora Cacao)

  • Sacred Commerce Business Course (with Asha Ramakrishna)

  • Shamanic Apprenticeship (under Rose Khalsa of the Polarity & Shamanic Studies Center)

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Down Under School of Yoga, with teachers: Kate Heffernan, Michael Ponte, Braxton Rose, & Dr. Sabbi Lall)

While I continue to be a life-long student and a steward of the Earth, while my own healing journey ebbs and flows and I humbly observe the currents of society... I offer a safe, compassionate, and open-minded space for clients to explore their own path to healing and transformation. A lack of energy, balance, and clarity can only get us so far. We all need and deserve space to replenish our cups. I invite you to sit with me and allow me to help you navigate the waters to a healthier, happier you.  


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