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My Story

From a very young age, I suffered from chronic health issues that would later catapult me into the realm of holistic healing. At 23 years old, the sickest I'd ever been and dismissed for the last time by Western Medicine, I found my sanctuary in a lovely, naturopathic medicine clinic in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Within a matter of weeks, my symptoms were already improving, and that was enough to inspire major life changes. From there, I apprenticed and studied under some of the most brilliant minds in the holistic wellness field, and over the course of a decade, became certified in Integrative Health Coaching with a speciality in Gut Health & Ayurvedic Medicine, Reiki, Yoga, & Shamanic Energy Work. I also have accumulated years of study, practice, and professional credentials in Cacao Ceremony facilitation, as well as Essential Oil Therapy, Tarot & Oracle Reading, Astrology, and Human Design.


Becoming a wellness practitioner, let alone an energy worker, was never a dream of mine. That was reserved for Broadway or Hollywood. However, when I entered the field of holistic health, simply out of necessity and curiosity, and witnessed just how many people were suffering from all matters of health issues, unhappy with the level of care being offered to them, and confused by conflicting advice from the media, I couldn't go back. Something awakened in me, and since then, I have never stopped learning, doing the self-work, or practicing my craft. My beliefs and perspective have evolved, and though my ideal health remains a work in progress, the journey has ultimately made me stronger, more empathetic, and a wiser, more capable practitioner.

Other than lifestyle and energy medicine, two things that have tremendously helped me along my journey are Ceremonial (or Sacred) Cacao and Human Design. Cacao (what chocolate is made from) is a gentle, loving plant medicine that opens the heart, regulates mood and other vital bodily functions, and most importantly, holds our hand on the journey to self-discovery and self-improvement. When I began to study Human Design, (I'm a 6/2 Splenic Projector btw), my whole life started to make sense: why I was sick, why I feel and see things the way I do, why I was even drawn to the fields I somehow ended up in. It became glaringly evident how vital it was to start cultivating as much compassion for myself as I have for others, which as many of you know, is a lot easier said than done.

Therefore, I extend the invitation to you as well: to explore more self-compassion, to get more curious about your soulʻs mission, and to take the time to really assess where you want to focus your attention moving forward. To flourish in the way that you are uniquely designed is your birthright—no matter who you are or where you come from—and if you allow me to, I would be thrilled to help you navigate these waters while you sail to the shores of a healthier, happier you.

My professional credentials include:

  • B.A. in Anthropology (Boston University)

  • Health Coach Certified (The Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

  • Graduate Studies in Health Arts & Sciences (Goddard College)

  • Usui Reiki I, II, & Master (under Mary Budrose of Blossom Healings)

  • AromaTouch Technique® (under Dr. Mara Sussman, chiropractor & doTERRA diamond leader)

  • Gut Health Intensive Course (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) 

  • Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training (Ora Cacao)

  • Psychic Medium Mentorship (with professional psychic medium Karissa Eve) 

  • Sacred Commerce Business Course (with Asha Ramakrishna)

  • Shamanic Apprenticeship (under Rose Khalsa of the Polarity & Shamanic Studies Center)

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Down Under School of Yoga, with teachers: Kate Heffernan, Michael Ponte, Braxton Rose, & Dr. Sabbi Lall

  • Sacred Cacao Training Course (Mayan Wisdom Project, under the tutelage of Mayan Spiritual leader Tata Jerico of Guatemala)

  • Ayurvedic Health Teacher Training Course (with Deepak Chopra)

  • Countless hours of study & practice, along with various workshops in the areas of: Human Design, Astrology, Tarot/Oracle Cards, & Essential Oils

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