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Full Moon Cacao Circle: 4/6 @ 7pm in Wakefield, MA

Connect with the full moon and drop into your heart with a nourishing cup of ceremonial cacao.

In this circle, we will connect to the lunar magic of the full moon and ceremonial cacao to help bring to light what is holding us back from our fullest, most authentic expression. The full moon encourages us to reflect on what needs gentle releasing and where we might be holding ourselves back from our fullest expression. Ceremonial cacao connects us to the heart and opens us up to self discovery. If you were a cacao tree, the full moon would be when you express new, red leaves that have been gathering energy since the new moon. Which leaves are strong enough to keep growing, and which need pruning? I invite you to come explore these themes and make discoveries in sacred space.

How to prepare:

  • Eat a light meal before coming.

  • Though a variety of floor seats, cushions, and yoga mats are provided, it is first come first serve, so bring anything that will make you more comfortable lying down in meditation.

  • If you have a special mug you like to drink from, bring it with you! We also provide mugs.

  • Other items to bring: notebook, pen, water bottle

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