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Winter Solstice Cacao & Sound Bath

Come celebrate the winter solstice with a cozy cup of ceremonial cacao followed by a dreamy sound bath.

During this ceremonial event, we will set our intentions for the new solar year and allow cacao and sound to gently open the heart and guide us in a winter-inspired ritual and meditation. Winter is a time for deep, inward reflection and rest. It marks the rebirth of the sun, when the shortest day of the year heralds in the slow ascension to light once again, as we reach the halfway point to the summer solstice. With this ceremony, we honor the stillness and insights of darkness and the connection to light that is ever present within us.

This event is great for all levels of experience with cacao and/or sound. It will be a gentle, therapeutic evening, both nourishing and enlightening. No prior experience necessary - all participants are welcome!

Some yoga mats, floor seats, and blankets will be provided, but participants are more than welcome to bring anything that will make you more comfortable to rest and enjoy the sound bath.

Suggested items to bring:

  • yoga mat

  • blanket

  • eye pillow (or small towel to cover your eyes)

  • water bottle

  • something to rest your head on if you are uncomfortable laying flat

  • special mug for cacao (though mugs will also be provided)

  • notebook & pen

With the holidays right around the corner, this would make a wonderful relaxation gift for a loved one! Or treat yourself to some rest and relaxation during the busy holiday season ❤

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